Do Hyundai Accent Keys Have Chips? (Read This First)

The Hyundai Accent is a beautiful subcompact car with many technological features lacking in regular subcompact cars, making them even more appealing.

This car is reliable, efficient, and handles well with its engine on the road, so surely you wouldn’t want it stolen.

Many car keys have security features in terms of chips/ transponders to reduce the number of car thefts.

However, is a chip part of the technological safety feature of a Hyundai Accent?

Fortunately, Hyundai Accents have chip keys to provide additional safety for all car owners. There is no cause for concern about others having permission to access your car with another key because the Hyundai Accent car key integrates into your car’s dashboard. This way, your key is the only way to unlock your vehicle. 

Does the Hyundai Accent Key Have Chip in It?

Do Hyundai Accent Keys Have Chips?

Hyundai Accent Keys have chips in them as an extra ignition safety element. Even if a burglar manages to open your car, he can’t start it, and the car won’t move. 

The programming in his key differs from the program the car system understands, which is the key that fits the Hyundai Accent.

Hyundai Accent transponder keys have a radio frequency identification and make it impossible to start a car without the programmed transponder/chip key.

This key works by car programming verification. When you acquire a Hyundai Accent, you integrate the Accent transponder key into your car by inserting it into the keyhole with an immobilizer program.

It syncs with your instrument panel and ignition system.

Anyone who uses a different key can’t ignite the car because the car’s immobilizer system won’t identify the key.

Immobilizer systems won’t allow a car to start after a wrong key insertion.

It does this by stopping the car engine’s cranking or preventing fuel injection. 

However, immediately after using the correct key, the car instantly recognizes it and ignites the engine.

This way, your key is the only access to moving your vehicle from its original spot.

Transponder keys are an elevated car protection element, and other than cars not turning on without the accurate keys, it has a digital identity characteristic.

This identity feature minimizes the risks of others using a different key to access your Hyundai Accent.  

How Do I Know If My Car Key Has a Chip?

Consulting your car owner’s manual is the easiest way to discern if your car has a chip in its key. Car manufacturers always include this information in the guide as it is crucial. 

Another way is by asking the car dealership or car company you bought your car questions about your car key details.

An additional alternative to confirm this information is by giving a locksmith your car vitals for them to find out if your key has a chip. 

Although most people generally assume that vehicles from 2000 and above have chips in their keys, it is best to confirm from reliable sources.

This chip is a practical car safety feature that constantly helps to an extent, curb car theft. Do Hyundai Santa Fe Keys Have Chips?

What Year Did Hyundai Start Using Transponder Keys?

Hyundai first used transponder keys in their 2006 Hyundai Azera.

The Hyundai Accent transponder key is the new norm, and this chip key is also popular in other cars.

The plastic head of the car key houses a transponder chip and works through signal emission.

If the signal programmed in your car doesn’t correlate with your car key, the car won’t turn on.

These transponder keys vary from the previous non-transponder keys, which are just metallic keys. 

These metallic keys deliver minimal security and make it easy for thieves to access your car and drive off with it.

Also, fake car keys can assist thieves in unlocking your vehicle with ease.

Non-transponder keys may not have the power of opening and igniting your car because it doesn’t have a program, especially one your car understands. 

A transponder key may be safety efficient, but they induce complications if they have problems.

Some conditions that signify transponder key problems are:

#1. You are unable to start your car

If your Hyundai Accent key fits and the motor is running efficiently still, your car won’t turn on. There’s a problem, and there’s every likelihood it’s from your transponder key. 

#2. Lock Problems

The car key transponder in most cars doesn’t just align with ignition systems but also car locks.

In such cases, if you can’t unlock your vehicle and there’s no problem with the keyhole or normal metallic car key part, your transponder has issues.

#3. Turning emergency alarms on and off

Some cars have their transponder key activate alarms to notify them of a third party’s unauthorized access.

However, when these emergency signals turn on and off without your effort, you should confirm if your transponder is the reason.

Can You Start a Car Without a Chip Key?

Starting a programmed car without a chip key may be difficult but possible.

You can do this efficiently by finding an alternative way around the immobilized system since it is responsible for ignition.

But it would help if you only allowed a tech to do this to avoid causing other damages.

A better remedy may be to implore a certified dealer to create a car key replacement for you.

However, if you can procure the transponder chip somehow, there are some intelligent techniques to assist you in turning on the car.

This guide below can be a great help.

  • Take off the plastic lid.
  • Remove the transponder chip.
  • Fasten a tape to the chip and place it next to the ignition lock system
  • Attempt turning on the car 
  • If the car doesn’t start, it could be because the chip isn’t in the correct position. Adjust the chip’s location and try starting the car again.
  • If the car starts in a new position, it’s safe to assume it is a perfect spot. Fasten the chip to that exact spot using glue.

Some may believe that hotwiring is an efficient solution in this situation, but that isn’t so.

Hot wiring, which ignites automobiles by wire connections, only functions smoothly in old cars models and movies. 

The current vehicles available have advanced technologies, particularly chip-programmed cars.

It will be hard, if not absurd, to employ this method on a car with an immobilizer program. 

A car key replacement is a better option.

How Do I Program My Hyundai Accent 2017 Key Fob?

You can program your Hyundai Accent remote key fob in these three ways.

But remember, you can only program a blank Hyundai key.

  • Sit in the driver’s seat and ensure to lock the car.
  • Switch your key to the accessory location on your ignition switch
  • Press and hold the unlock lever on your remote key fob until your car illuminates

Programming an Accent key fob means you want to introduce it to your car for authorization of use hereafter.

People only opt for key programming when they get an Accent key replacement. 

But once you program a new key, you can’t use the previous keys anymore

Introducing a different and programming another Accent key fob makes this key the only access to ignite and unlock a Hyundai Accent car.

Further programming steps for a 2017 Hyundai Accent keyless entry remote are:

  • Ensure to consult a professional Hyundai dealer or locksmith to do the programming of a new keyless entry remote. You can’t program your  Hyundai Accent car yourself.
  • Buying a blank Hyundai key is more affordable than purchasing one from a Hyundai dealership.

Hyundai Accent Key Replacement Cost

Hyundai Accent Key Replacement Cost

Accent key replacement costs vary from $125 to $320. However, the Hyundai accent key sale expense incurred depends on:

  • The car key type you require 
  • The Hyundai’s manufacturing details
  • Your location and when you request a replacement
  • Where you buy the key
  • The functional code for car key cutting
  • Actual ignition or not

You can buy a new Accent key from a locksmith, Hyundai dealership, or online stores.

Locksmiths are a desirable choice to replace your car key if you don’t wish to deliver car ownership confirmation. 

You have to book an appointment with car dealerships which could last for a while.

The sale of the Hyundai accent key in online shops is an inexpensive option as you can pick an affordable blank key and then ask a locksmith or car dealership for programming. 

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Hyundai cars are safety-prioritized and reliable automobiles and the Hyundai Accent having a transponder key is proof of that.

This safety feature and many other helps minimize theft risks, and in cases of loss, you can always opt for a replacement.

In addition, you can visit a locksmith or the Hyundai dealership and choose to buy them online.

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