Can You Import A Honda S660? (Things You Must Know)

What do you do when a car you love so much is not available in your country? Do you switch on your car-import-mode, or do you let it go knowing that you can’t have all you want?

If you’re wondering whether you can import a Honda S660 into the United States, I urge you to read on.

Though having several limitations, you can import a Honda S660 into the United States. First, however, you need a positive conformity test and preparations to prove its roadworthiness to the authorities considering that it is yet illegal to drive it in the United States. 

Can You Import a Honda S660 to the United States? 

Honda S660 To The United States

The Honda S660 is not yet available in the United States automobile market. Therefore, you can’t buy one from within the country.

The only other option available is to import one if you want it. You get to buy one from the Japanese car market and pay for the shipping into the United States.

However, it is important to know that you may not be able to drive this vehicle on United States roads.

That is because of the 25-year import rule that prevents cars less than 25 years from being imported into the country.

Therefore, if you proceed to import the vehicle, you may not be able to drive it home.

Is the Honda S660 Legal in the United States?

The 25-year import law puts a lid on the kind of car you can import into the United States. Due to tight regulations, the Honda S660 is not legal to buy in the United States.

It’s not even available in the United States markets in the first place.

Therefore, you need to buy one from the Japanese market and import it to the United States to get one.

Once it enters, you need to move mountains to prove that the car is a fit for the United States roads.

That implies spending a lot of time and money to get this key car legally registered as a fit for United States roads. 

The 25-year import rule prevents people from buying novel foreign market cars less than 25 years old and importing them into the United States.

In addition, it prevents the importation of new foreign cars without subjecting them to a costly and lengthy federalization and testing process.

The rule does not apply to cars that are 25 years and older. This 25-year rule prevents the Honda S660 from being legally owned in the United States.

You have to wait till the car is 25 years old before you can legally own one.

That’s an unquestionably long wait to drive a car you love. However, when you consider that Honda only launched the car in April 2015, that will truly be a long and agonizing wait.

Furthermore, because Honda recently announced in March 2022 that it would no longer continue producing this Kei vehicle, it’s disappointing.

But, nevertheless, if you dream of acquiring one, you can buy one and ship it to the United States and wait.

Alternatively, you can ship it into the United States and try to prove that the vehicle is roadworthy. However, one caveat is that this can be a lengthy and expensive ordeal.

How Much Is a Honda S660? 

The price for a Honda S660 vehicle depends on the model you want to buy. The BETA 3BA–JW5 costs around $16,086. This pricing applies to the CVT and 6MT T/M drive models. 

The Alpha 3BA-JW5 CVT and 6MT T/M drive models cost $18,377. Furthermore, the price for the modulo X version Z model begins from $24,944.

How to Import Honda S660

The United States automobile market has been thoroughly fed by imports from Japan for many years. Importation of the Honda S660 is no different from other car imports.

Therefore, to import the Honda S660, you’ll need to do the following: 

#1. Ensure Conformity of the Honda S660

This step is the most critical because standards for emission and safety differ from country to country.

The Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulate this process.

#2. Verify Your Responsibilities for the Shipment

After you have completed step 1, you need to verify your responsibilities regarding the shipping of your Honda S660.

These responsibilities include financing the shipment and other specific tasks.

If you don’t fully comprehend all your responsibilities, you may encounter difficulties during the importation process.

#3. Organize the Transportation of the Vehicle

Once you have completed step 2, you’ll need to find suitable transport for your Honda S660. You should rid the vehicle of any foreign soil before transport.

That is because foreign soil can harbor pests and cause your vehicle to be exported back.

You can find a suitable company to ship your car by:

  • Getting in contact with a freight forwarder
  • Reaching out to individual carriers

#4. Get the Required Documentation

This step is important and can be complex and challenging. You’ll need to complete the following forms:

  • ETA Form 3520-1 – This form is for compliance with emission control standards.
  • NHTSA Form HS-7 – This form provides all the information about the vehicle.
  • Standard Import Documentation – You also need to complete these forms:
    • Commercial Invoice 
    • Entry Summary
    • Custom Bonds 
    • Packing List 
    • ISF Filing 
    • Bill of Landing 

These documents are important if you want your Honda s660 imported quickly and safely.

#5. Provide Customs and Border Protection with the Required Documentation

After completing the forms, you’ll need to submit them to the CBP and meet all of their guidelines. This step is also time-consuming, challenging, and mistake-prone.

Therefore you should be careful. 

Once you have meticulously completed all of the above steps, you can import your Honda S660.

However, it is important to point out that this car is not yet legal in the United States as it is yet to satisfy the 25-year import rule.

Honda S660 – Pros and Cons?

Honda S660

The Honda S660 is a member of the Kei car class. These are a kind of mini-cars regulated in Japan. That said, there is no perfect car.

As exciting as the Honda S660 is, it has ups and downs. Below are the pros and cons of the Honda S660.

#1. Pros

The following are some areas where Honda got it right with the Honda S660.

#1. Sleek Design

The manufacturers of this Kei car provide it with the most adorable outlook. The Honda S660 is easily one of the best-looking cars in the Kei class.

With a length of 11.2 feet and a width of 4.9 feet, the design is truly outstanding. Unfortunately, you may probably mistake it for an NSX from a distance.

The proportions look adequate when considering the restrictions Honda had to work with dimensionally. The NSX-Esque look imparts an exotic feel to the Honda S660.

Additionally, behind the front seats are two buttresses that look like the Ferrari 458 Spider and McLaren 650S Spider.

Other features adding to the peculiar look are the side air intake, central exhaust, and retractable rear spoiler.

The HID Standard-Fit headlights, which run during the daytime, are an attention-getter. It does this extravagantly.

#2. Comfort

The Honda S660 can be comfortable if you can fit into the car because the car can be tight.

Though it’s not the most spacious car in the world, the comfort it provides is above average when it comes to Kei cars.

#3. Parking space

Because of its small build, the Honda S660 doesn‘t take up much parking space. That is the main concept behind the manufacture of Kei vehicles.

As a result, Kei cars are small, easy to park, take up small space, and require a small tax rate.

#4. Good Fuel Economy

The Honda S660 possesses an above-average full economy feature. Even though it is a sports car, fuel consumption is 21 to 24 km/L, which is superb.

#5. Easy to Use 

The Honda S660 is easy to use. You don’t need to crack your brain up to drive this mini-car. As long as you fit in, everything else will be easy.

#6. Fun

You’re in for a real, fun-filled drive with the Honda S660. Being a sports car fills you with the sports car magic with every drive.

It’s more fun when you compare it with some other regular-sized vehicles.

#7. Great Visibility

The Honda S660 has decent visibility. The front view and side view are more than average compared to some regular-sized cars. Additionally, the design is top-notch.

The great visibility and ease of use make packing 100 times more effortless than regular-sized vehicles.

#8. Amazing Grip

The Honda S660 has a tremendous grip. When you are at the corner of the road and at top speed, the roll center and the low center of gravity counteract the body roll.

Furthermore, the Neova Tyres add extra traction giving the car a firm grip.

#2. Cons

The Honda S660, as earlier stated, is not the perfect car. Here are some areas of improvement for this mini-car.

#1. The Interior

The Honda S660 has a basic interior. It has just two seats.

It also lacks an infotainment system and screen. Additionally, there are no electric driver aids in the vehicle.

Furthermore, there is no space for luggage in the Honda S660. It also has a manual roof that takes longer than a minute to close when compared with other cars with electrical systems.

There is also not enough room for people taller than 5’10” to fit in when the roof is on.

#2. The Engine

The Honda S660 comes fitted with a three-cylinder 660cc turbo engine that generates just about 63 horsepower and a torque of 77 pound-feet.

That is compliant with Japan’s regulation for Kei cars.

However, the Honda S660 is a slow car for the United States market. It is not a motorway cruiser.

Therefore, it is needless to say that the Honda S660 needs more power for the United States roads. Does Lotus Use Honda Engines?

#3. Not Available in the United States

The Honda S660 is not yet available in the United States. With the recent announcement that production will cease in 2022, it is unclear whether this Kei car will ever become available.

However, never say never Does Honda Buy Used Cars?

Final Thoughts

The Honda S660 is a sports Kei mini-car that’s popular in Japan. Honda designed this car to meet the need for a smaller parking space and, consequently, lesser tax.

Unfortunately, as exciting as the features of this car is, it’s not yet available in the United States.

However, you can import the vehicle if you want, but you may have to wait out the 25-year import rule to drive your car.

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